Connect to the World

LifeStream has made it a priority to remain involved in missions, both local and abroad, since its conception. We strive to be the light of God in our local communities, our nation, and our world. Connecting to your world can be as nearby as your next-door neighbor or as far as across the globe. We have made it a purpose to reach out to, love, and minister to "all the world."


Missions Spotlight
Sunday, November 5th we will have the pleasure of having Victoria Bolduc join us for our morning service.  Victoria loves Jesus a whole lot, and because of that she’s spent the last year following Him between 3 continents and 11 countries serving in overseas missions through the World Race. Victoria was lucky enough to work with the Mid-Atlantic District as an Enrollment Counselor for Eastern Nazarene College from 2013-2016 and is pretty sure she still has shaving cream remnants up her nose from teen camp. She’s having a hard time putting into words how excited she is to be back with her MAD family, sharing about what she saw Jesus do around the world during the last 320 days and the incredible ministries she was able to bring the Kingdom alongside.
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