Week 2
Habit 1: Bless
1) When have you felt blessed by someone? What made you feel blessed?

Read Romans 12:9-21 (read it at least twice in the group using two different translations if possible)

2) Blessing others is directly associated with loving others. The word bless is only used in vs 14 (in NIV translation). Brainstorm what other instructions could be seen as blessing in these verses.
***Watch Video on Habit 1: Bless***

The Old English Word for Bless means _________________________________________
Three ways to bless
     1) ______________________________________________________

     2) ______________________________________________________

     3) ______________________________________________________

3) What stands out for you in this video teaching?

4) Even a surface reading of the New Testament reveals that Christians are meant to be a blessing to those around them. What kind of things might keep us from blessing others?

“…the key to successful blessing is that the recipient must feel blessed. Remember, our actions ought to add strength to their arm. If people feel manipulated or used by our blessing, those blessings can hardly be considered as such. Giving gifts in order to get a return from someone (like bribing people to attend our churches) leaves a nasty taste in people’s mouths. Keep Paul’s words in Philippians 2:3-4 in mind: Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. Even if no one asks us about our motives, we resolve to live out a habitual rhythm of gift giving, time spending, and affirmation sharing.” Michael Frost “Surprise the World” page 36-37

5) What kind of things might stop people feeling blessed?

6) How does Romans 12:14 intensify the challenge of blessing?

7) What might it look like for you, if you developed this habit of blessing?

8) What might it look like for our Church if most people shared this habit?

This Week: Read chapter 4 of “Surprise the World” Will you take the Bless challenge? Will you start asking God about who you can bless this week?

If your group is up for the challenge keep each other accountable. Begin each group meeting by asking who have you blessed this week? This kind of accountability should not be about legalism or guilt but if done well will help you and the whole group develop this powerful habit.

Pray: Pray that the Holy Spirit would be working in people’s lives drawing them to faith. Pray for God’s help to develop this habit in you and the Church.