Week 3
Habit 2: Eat
1) Who have you blessed this week? Any Blessing stories?

2) What makes a great mealtime experience?

3) If you read the Gospels you see that Jesus often ate with a whole variety of people. Why do you think this is?

Read Matthew 9:9-13 (read it at least twice in the group using two different translations if possible)

4) What stands out for you as you read this story today?

5) Why might Matthew have invited his friends to a meal with Jesus?

6) Why did the Pharisees get upset that Jesus was eating with “tax collectors and sinners”?

7) Is there still something special about eating with people?

***Watch Video on Habit 2: Eat ***

Eating with people could include a full meal or just a coffee around a table. Mike’s challenge is to eat with three people every week. One from your church, one from outside the church and one other from either category.

8) What stands out for you in this video teaching?

9) What kind of things might stop you from developing a habit of regularly eating with others and how can you as a group help overcome those barriers?

10) What might it look like for our Church if most people shared this habit?

This week Read chapter 6 of “Surprise the World” on Learning Jesus. (Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten chapter 5. We will come back to it.) Will you take the Eat challenge? Your situation or personality might mean that the suggested 3 people a week is too much. Set your own target to build a habit that is sustainable for you. It might be one person a week or 3 people a month. The important thing is to build a sustainable habit. This week will you start asking God about who you can invite to eat with you?

As a group you might consider developing a once a term habit or rhythm of inviting others for a BBQ or party together. Make sure you invite people outside the church.

Pray Pray that the Holy Spirit would be working in people’s lives drawing them to faith. Pray for God’s help to develop this habit in you and the Church