Week 4
Habit 3: Learning Jesus
1) Who have you blessed this week? Any Eating stories?

2) Is there a celebrity or historical figure who you know a lot about? Share with the groups some “fun facts” or quotes.

3) If you had 2 minutes to describe Jesus to someone, what kinds of things would you say?


Read Philippians 3:7-14 (read it at least twice in the group using two different translations if possible)

4) These verses are part of a larger passage where the apostle Paul is arguing against a works based legalism. What strikes you most as you read this passage today?

5) Paul is clearly excited about the forgiveness and acceptance that Christ has brought (read verse 9 aloud). His point is he has gained this through faith in Christ not by working hard. Yet in verse 10 there is a sense of Paul striving. What is he striving for?

6) How can we know Christ more?

***Watch Video on Habit 3: Learn Jesus***

Mike challenges us to make regular time just to read the Gospels. We can’t answer the question ‘what would Jesus do?’ if we don’t really know what Jesus did.

7) What grabs you most in this video teaching?

8) What kind of things might stop you from developing this habit? How can you as a group help overcome those barriers?

9) What might it look like for our Church if most people shared this habit?

This Week: Read chapter 5 of “Surprise the World” on the next habit -Listen Will you take the Learn challenge? Why not find time to read at least 1 Chapter from one of the Gospels. Ask the Holy Spirt to lead you and read in a way that allows you to pay attention to Jesus.

As a group you might consider studying a Gospel after this series finishes.

Pray: Pray that the Holy Spirit would be working in people’s lives drawing them to faith. Pray for God’s help to develop this habit in you and the Church. Pray for God to show you who to bless and eat with.