Week 6
Habit 5: Sent – See yourself as a sent one
1) Do you have any blessing or eating stories to share? How did ‘Learning Jesus’ go this past week? Have you sensed the Holy Spirit’s leading this week?

2) Brain storm. What ideas or images come to mind when someone says ‘Mission Field’?

Read Matthew 28:16-20 (read this passage at least twice preferably in two different translations)

3) This passage is very familiar for many Christians. Does anything stand out as you read it today?

4) Why is Jesus statement in verse 18 important? What difference does it make?

5) Jesus gives three instructions and one promise in verses 19-20. What are they?

6) What do you think it means to makes disciples?

7) Baptism is a symbol of belonging to Christ and also belonging to the Church. Why do you think this sense of belonging is an important part of being a disciple?

***Watch Video on Habit 5: Sent*** 

8) What do you find most challenging in this video?
9) If our mission field is all the places we go and people we are involved in, in the course of our day to day lives (work, school, TAFE, clubs neighbours etc.), brainstorm as to all the mission fields people in your group are involved in. 10) What difference might it make to live out the habits we have been studying in your mission fields? 11) What difference does the last sentence of Matthew 28:20 make?