Whether you are brand new to the church thing or you’ve been around church for a while; we want to say welcome! Our goal at LifeStream is to create and invite each other into environments and experiences where you can encounter God and God’s people intimately. When you come to LifeStream on a Sunday, our aim is that you would be inspired by the music, encouraged by the message, build relationships in an amazing community of people & be reminded that God’s grace is here!
Gathering Times 
10:00 Worship 
L I F E S T R E A M   C H U R C H

We are a Nazarene church that believes God wants more for you!

We are a church that loves God and people. Overwhelmed by the gift of salvation we have found in Jesus, we have a heart for authentic worship, are passionate about the Church, and are on a mission to see the Gospel spoken, in love, to all people. 

Love God • Love People • Serve All
Rev. Dr. Jared Willemin
Senior Pastor of LifeStream
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What to expect (COVID update)
In this world of COVID certain precautions are being required:
Facemasks are being required at this time to help protect each other. 
Social distancing is being strongly encouraged
Please note: proper sanitation is being done before service each week.  
What we believe
As Nazarenes we stand firmly on the theology of sanctification. Basically, we believe God wants a relationship with you and wants to reconcile us to Him and to each other in love and holiness. As we walk through out lives with God we begin to look more and more like Jesus and we draw closer and closer to God and each other. 
For more on what the Church of the Nazarene believes click here.
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