KidStream (Children’s Ministry)
“From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise…” Psalm 8:2
Our mission is to connect all people, including children, to God, others, and the world. We do this by inviting them to jump into the “KidStream” and flow of God’s love within the community of faith at LifeStream. Children are not the Church of the future, they are the Church of TODAY! We work in partnership with parents to teach children about God’s Word as we model Christ’s love through prayer, worship, and great lessons.
At LifeStream your children (Newborn to 5th grade) are highly valued. During the Sunday School hour (9:00am) children will hear lessons designed specially for them. After Sunday School, during the worship service, children are invited to join us for Children’s Church. Children’s Church is held 1st – 3rd Sundays in the children’s worship area at the back of the church and are jam packed with great worship, fun lessons, and more. 4th Sundays are Family Worship Sundays and children will remain in the sanctuary with their families (hooray!) and on 5th Sundays there will be a special Missionary Lesson.